Social selling is not a one-off activity and should be integrat with other sales techniques. While it may seem difficult to get start especially if you are unfamiliar with social channels the benefits over time will far outweigh the challenges. One thing is certain potential clients customers and competitors in B2B use social channels adopting […]
Connect with potential clients on LinkIn When you start to become active in groups the views of your profile increase and when someone views it you can send them an invitation to join. However it is always better not to send Did you know a standard and impersonal invitation. You can try something simple like […]
l mia selling mean? Social selling can be consider a 4.0 business model whose focus is on building relationships of trust. Let’s start with some practical advice. networks? To excel at social mia selling salespeople should be active on the same platforms as their potential customers. For example sellers in the fashion sector may get […]
During the commercial negotiation various elements are explor going into detail and using technical terms. For some markets one of the most complex challenges is illustrating the potential of a service or product to buyers especially if more in-depth skills are requir. What’s better than an explanatory video that simplifies mechanisms tools and functions? Through […]
Videos and social campaigns the connection Videos improve the performance of social The lead generation campaigns giving content an authoritative and direct tone. Compar to a written post videos communicate messages loudly and clearly leaving little room for interpretation . Making a video for social strategy can require more time and resources than more static […]
Don’t use bots. While some companies may offer “bot” services that automate likes and comments, these can damage your reputation and risk being flagged as spam. We’ve tried to buy followers before several times, in fact, and the experiments always flop. Stick to legitimate automation tools that don’t violate the social networks’ terms of services. […]
If you’re the kind of real estate agent who creates thought-leadership-style blogs. Grammarly can integrate into your existing software, like your email, google docs, and hootsuite. You can easily convert these into video assets. It’s also great for agents focused on building personal brand assets. Plus, pictor integrates with hootsuite! You can easily schedule your […]
Do you love aeratable? Us, too. Its capabilities are off the charts, so no shade if it’s your favorite social media calendar. See what’s working for you and what’s just a waste of your time with the click of a button. But guess what? You can absolutely combine it with your favorite social media tool […]
This allows you to rinse and repeat your content without looking sammy. And if you’re done with writing social media captions, owlywriter ai is your new best friend. It writes captions for any platform, generates great real estate post ideas, and can even help you re-work your best content. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. […]
Do you know which platforms drive the most business for you? Which post types does your audience like best? Do you get more engagement on sunday mornings or wednesday afternoons? If you’re not using an automation tool that helps you gather analytics, you can still find the answers to these questions. The process is just […]
The changes to the current report. Explorations not reports are Generate Internal usually worth saving for keeps. Select a conversion from the dropdown under “Session conversion rate.” Because we’re doing a content marketing audit use a content-relat goal such as download or subscribe. Of course you’ll ne to have conversion events set up in GA4 […]
Performing social networks Social: Content that gets the Your website to most traffic and engagement from social mia Where did this article perform the best? At the end of each section we’ve add next steps and action items with suggestions for what to do with the data to drive better content marketing outcomes. 1. Which […]