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Connect with potential clients on LinkIn When you start to become active in groups the views of your profile increase and when someone views it you can send them an invitation to join. However it is always better not to send a standard and impersonal invitation. You can try something simple like “Hi thanks for viewing my profile. Can we connect on LinkIn?” It’s a great way to start the conversation with a prospect who has shown an interest. social mia sellingProvide value by sharing relevant content Over 50% of B2B buyers search for product and service information on social mia. Therefore you have a great opportunity to create new content bas on what people are already searching for.

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 Case histories and video testimonials are just some examples of effective materials to spe up the purchasing process . If a conversation requires more information  for Business Lead landing you can share a company blog post. If a LinkIn group is asking for product recommendations you can post a video tutorial . Content can be design and creat bas on questions comments and topics present on social mia this is undoubtly a great opportunity to align the sales force with the marketing team .

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You can share to add value to the conversation; however always keep in mind that the potential customer may lose interest if the content shar is irrelevant or promotional. Social mia selling is a strategy that can help you sell more thanks to the right content and the right links. The suggestions we have propos will allow you to obtain BZ Lists results but only if the main objective of social selling on LinkIn is to offer value to potential customers to build profitable and lasting relationships.

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