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Service employee of the world’s online stores are not prepare for the mobile revolution, which is strongly promote by Google. The idea of ​​mobile-first, which they promote. Which involves starting to design a website immediately for mobile devices. Instead of starting with the desktop version (from mobile to desktop, and not the other way around), is not always easy in the case of online sales. According to the research, in relation to stores design using the mobile-first method. The average efficiency score is only. And for the same group of , online stores around the world, the accessibility index reaches only.

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Notebook loading content with a page speed clock next to it. So can we talk about a change for the better? Online stores were hit hard by the Page speed algorithm update because they were technically not adapt to be access via mobile devices. This has been Photo Retouching evident in the poor SEO results achieve by many e-commerce sites. Companies have seen significant drops in organic results from page to page and even lower due to Google Medic updates. CPC costs (cost per click on advertising) have also increase. The main reason for this is lower results in Google Page Speed ​​for mobile devices. By changing the Google Page speed algorithm for mobile devices.

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We notice that many stores base on the Magento platform and using the default settings achieve a very low result in Google Pages speed on mobile devices. Stores using Magento , Shop ware, Woo Commerce and other e-commerce platforms also receive BZ Lists similar results. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your rankings, high traffic and, of course, revenues, you must constantly improve the page loading time and other important functions for all mobile devices. And of course, the sooner you do it, the more you will benefit. Adapt to the mobile-first revolution Companies and agencies operating e-commerce platforms conduct a number of tests to find a solution to the problem.

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