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Market it conquering foreign markets is easier than you think! Although it requires additional effort, as a result, you have a chance to effectively reach millions of potential customers and significantly increase your company’s turnover. At the beginning, we suggest how to set up a shop in Slovakia. Shop in Slovakia – where to start? Payment methods What else should you remember when opening a Slovak store? How to run a business successfully in Slovakia? Slovakia: the most truste stores What to trade online? What does the perfect Slovak online store offer? How to run a shop in Slovakia.

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It turns out that Slovakia is currently one of the most popular destinations for expanding your online commerce business. Despite the uncertain economic situation, the local e-commerce market is still developing very dynamically. Slovaks are happy to shop not only in national photo editor e-shops or local auction platforms. More and more boldly choose foreign stores and portals. They are very willing to use price comparison websites and often start their shopping there. Shop in Slovakia – where to start? The COVID-19 pandemic has cause a crisis in many industries in recent years.

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At the beginning it is enough to provide service in the Czech language. For Slovaks, this is definitely a more advantageous solution than the possibility of buying only in English. Are you planning to expand into new markets? We will help you reach more potential customers! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to run a BZ Lists business successfully in Slovakia? It turns out that nearly half of the Slovak online trade is made in Czech e-shops, where most transactions are settle in the “cash on delivery” formula, i.e. payments on delivery. Local consumers are also happy to open and check the package on delivery.

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