Market it conquering foreign markets is easier than you think! Although it requires additional effort, as a result, you have a chance to effectively reach millions of potential customers and significantly increase your company’s turnover. At the beginning, we suggest how to set up a shop in Slovakia. Shop in Slovakia – where to start? […]
Service employee of the world’s online stores are not prepare for the mobile revolution, which is strongly promote by Google. The idea of ​​mobile-first, which they promote. Which involves starting to design a website immediately for mobile devices. Instead of starting with the desktop version (from mobile to desktop, and not the other way around), […]
A modulation system Who have the same musical passions. You can manage your calendar of events and if a favorite artist announces. A concert nearby a notification alerts you immiately so you can’t miss any concert you’re interest in. It can thus be assert that at this moment the success of a singer is no […]
Internal links are links leading to other pages on the same domain. They are use to build the structure of the website and make it easier for users to navigate the website. Internal links also help with SEO optimization because they allow search engine spiders to easily index your website’s pages. External links are links […]
Segment from reports with th alternative you can segment the users who perform an action for example those who open the email or those who click. Segment from link tags here you segment with criteria such as “those who have click on any link” and the link copi showing how many people perform that action […]
It to do for example send a message to a new user who regters to my online. Store and after that first sending tell it. What else to do if my user opens the email and if he doesn’t open. It also give him prece instructions on what to do. Marketing automation allows you to […]
Where he Is your brand poorly visible on the web. We know how to change it! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Your brand is visible online Brand visibility on the web is one of the most important goals pursue by a marketing agency. If your company is recognize by Internet users, you can […]
Links allows creating  Linkin Sales Navigator benefits: Unlimit searches. Access to 2500 search results 45 search filters Boolean search. Account searches Identify decision makers Sav searches Alerts & notifications Inmails 1. Unlimit searches One of the most important features of Linkin Sales Navigator is the ability to perform unlimit searches on Linkin. linkin commercial use […]
The increased interest. Achieving the require results together with clients and partners. At the end, I can ask you a question from the series Which of the above are you not already doing? or Which of these points do you want to bring to your work? But I won’t manipulate you. I’ll tell you straight. […]
Even on the Instagram blog. Tula Analytics We count community subscribers and activity in communities. A total of indicators , for each of which a mini rating was prepare.  Subscribers These are accounts of people who are members of football club communities at on August , . We reflect them on the graphics of the […]