Social selling is not a one-off activity and should be integrat with other sales techniques. While it may seem difficult to get start especially if you are unfamiliar with social channels the benefits over time will far outweigh the challenges. One thing is certain potential clients customers and competitors in B2B use social channels adopting them is essential to increase sales and not miss opportunities. LinkIn is one of the most effective social networks for establishing professional relationships and promoting a company’s skills and solutions.

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More about a potential customer’s interests but Linkin is the only social platform that allows you to truly reach new prospects. Social selling activities on Linkin are aim at finding potential customers connecting and building new point Business Database of relationships with them with the aim of increasing B2B sales. In this article we will see how to use Linkin functions and create the foundation for the success of the sales process. How to sell thanks to social selling on Linkin In the next lines we will offer you some tips for making the best use of Linkin for b2b sales through sharing valuable content interacting in groups that interest the target audience personalizing connection requests and conversations transforming them from virtual to real.

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Let’s begin! 1. Share valuable content Content should be as interesting engaging and relevant to your ideal customer as possible . The goal is to share BZ Lists information that helps potential customers overcome important problems relat to their professional activity. When current or potential customers find content that is interesting to their situation they approach the company that distribut it; this helps build relationships of trust preparing contacts for social selling activities on Linkin. Download the ebook 2. Follow the relevant audience’s Linkin groups In 2019 there were over 2 million active groups on Linkin.


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