l mia selling mean? Social selling can be consider a 4.0 business model whose focus is on building relationships of trust. Let’s start with some practical advice. networks? To excel at social mia selling salespeople should be active on the same platforms as their potential customers. For example sellers in the fashion sector may get results from Pinterest but in general the B2B sector finds the main source of leads in LinkIn speaking of social networks. Download the ebook YouTube and Facebook are frequent by people of all age groups so it is worth including them in your strategy if your target audience also uses them for non-professional purposes for example with retargeting campaigns.

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You ne to orient yourself towards the most suitable social channel. Create a list of companies to follow Both small and large businesses have the opportunity to be found by prospects on Twitter Facebook and LinkIn creating company pages that allow followers to be updat on industry news. Exactly as in the account bas marketing strategy it is necessary to create a list of around ten target companies active on social mia start following them and interact with their updates.

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 LinkIn connections The search function on LinkIn can be customiz bas on your ideal customer profile; it is also possible to set notifications when a new subscriber matches the buyer persona profile . In this way identifying and making yourself known to potential customers is easier. Participate in LinkIn groups LinkIn has over 650 million register users and one of its greatest advantages lies in the groups which number around 2 million. To find a group it is advisable to search BZ Lists for a topic relat to your sector or skills. Remember that the goal is not to sell but to share knowlge and experience with potential customers.


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