Performing social networks Social: Content that gets the most traffic and engagement from social mia Where did this article perform the best? At the end of each section we’ve add next steps and action items with suggestions for what to do with the data to drive better content marketing outcomes. 1. Which are our top performing traffic sources? It’s a fundamental marketing question. Some content strategies focus on social mia. Others publish evergreen keyword-focus content for SEO. Most content programs promote content

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Content performance varies widely across channels. We’ll start with an easy one. Here’s how to check and see at a high level where your content is performing best. From the business lead Reports section go to Acquisition > Traffic acquisition Click on the pencil icon in the top right to “Customize report” (you’ll ne to be logg in using an account with more than just “Viewer” level access) Now click “Metrics” to select some useful metrics. We recommend the following: Users Sessions Engagement rate Average engagement time per session Bounce

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Than engagement rate but some people still like it) Session conversion rate Bounce rate and session conversion rate won’t be on the list. You’ll ne to add them by clicking the “Add metric” dropdown at the bottom of BZ Lists the list then searching for them. Reorder the metrics if you’d like. Here’s what the customization will look like: example of a GA4 report with metrics Save the customization. You’ll be given the option to “Save changes to current report” or “Save as new report.” It really makes no difference. I always just save


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