Do you know which platforms drive the most business for you? Which post types does your audience like best? Do you get more engagement on sunday mornings or wednesday afternoons?

If you’re not using an automation tool that helps you gather analytics, you can still find the answers to these questions. The process is just a lot more tedious. When you automate the manual parts of social media marketing, you can gather data and improve your strategy faster.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could respond to dms from prospective clients without even having to check your phone? What if you could post about a hot new listing while running an open house?

Maintain a Personal, Authentic Tone

Automation tools allow you to have a consistent and professional online presence without constantly being glued to your phone or computer. So go ahead, set up those auto-replies and scheduled posts, and take a well-deserved break. Your followers and your sanity will thank you.

Staying on top of your real b2b email list estate game means saving time and effort where possible, so you can reallocate your focus on other critical matters. To do so, you need automated social media marketing for real estate.

You’re running your own business, so you need all the tips and tricks small businesses use to thrive. And, of course, tools to help you succeed. Here are 7 of the top social media tools for real estate agents.

Do Maintain Authenticity

Sure, we’re a little biased, but if you want to automate your social media, we really believe the best thing you can do is get Hootsuite. The publishing tool uses AI learning to suggest relevant hashtags and the Best Time to Publish for your unique audience.

Here are a few ways Hootsuite can help BZ Lists you with social media automation. Hootsuite’s Publisher tool can take a lot of work off your shoulders. You can pre-schedule posts to go live when your audience is most likely to engage and can bulk schedule up to 350 posts at a time.

Want to save time while repurposing content? You can edit a single post to work on multiple social media accounts and platforms.


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