Real Estate Automation Dos and Dents

This allows you to rinse and repeat your content without looking sammy. And if you’re done with writing social media captions, owlywriter ai is your new best friend. It writes captions for any platform, generates great real estate post ideas, and can even help you re-work your best content. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just insert a prompt, choose your voice, and hit generate.

Analyze your results. We can safely assume all realtors (yourself included) don’t love spending time and effort pulling data from each of your social platforms to analyze.

Hootsuite analytics pulls your social data, analyzes it, and presents you with custom reports. It’s top-tier data automation. You can use these custom, automated reports to guide your social media strategy.

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Check out our full list of general social media marketing tools, too. Hootsuite inbox allows you to manage conversations on your various social pages. You can create automated message responses to commonly asked questions. And you’ll be able to see everything in one place, allowing you to spot trends without switching between apps.

If you’re part of a larger b2b leads team or brokerage, you can even assign incoming messages to different departments. Want to use social listening to improve your strategy? Hootsuite insights powered by brand watch is your ticket to automating competitor research and keeping an eye on your own brand’s sentiment.

You can set up alerts for your name or business name and immediately. Jump into important conversations even.

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If no one has tagged your account. You can also keep an eye on what your competitors are. Up to and get ahead of any trends. Plus, insights helps you track industry news and see what your audience is engaging in. This will allow you to create content your audience is already interested in. If you’re advertising on social and you really should be, you need a dashboard showing all your results in one place.

Hootsuite social advertising BZ Lists can present your paid and organic advertising results in one place from all of your social channels. You’ll be able to plan and publish ads directly from your dashboard. You can also automatically pull all your analytical insights into one place.

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