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Do you love aeratable? Us, too. Its capabilities are off the charts, so no shade if it’s your favorite social media calendar. See what’s working for you and what’s just a waste of your time with the click of a button.

But guess what? You can absolutely combine it with your favorite social media tool (hootsuite) for more automation capabilities. With aeratable automations, you can schedule content through hootsuite to be posted directly from your aeratable base. You can also use the tool to schedule messages to send as soon as specified conditions are met.

Automatic facebook posts for realtors can be a big time-saver. While you can schedule and edit content for your facebook page and for instagram posts and stories, too within facebook business suite.

Speech Content and Visual Editor for Videos

It does have some limitations. The tool’s editing capabilities are pretty basic, but the scheduling software works for lower-volume accounts.

Perch can help you to automate your video editing. This tool is business email list especially helpful for realtors doing walk-through videos — adding a watermark or talking head segment is super easy. Puech can also automatically transcribe and repurpose your video content so you can use it in other areas of your marketing, like blogs or for social captions.

For larger real estate businesses that create content with their teams, you can automate title cards for your team members, giving your videos a polished look. There’s nothing more embarrassing than finding a glaring typo in your caption after you post.

Facebook Business Suite and Creator Studio

Use grammarly to automate your spelling and grammar checks. The pro account can tell you whether or not your tone is right and if you’re misusing passive voice. Plus, it automates suggestions on how to shorten your writing, not repeat yourself, and generally write for an audience.

Successful realtors know it’s almost all about BZ Lists marketing. You need to be able to find new, quality prospects on social media to keep your sales funnel full. To do that, you have to create, post, and engage regularly. Pictor helps you automate your branded video creations, taking the pressure off of producing video assets. With pictor, you can copy and paste your text into the tool, and ai will automatically generate a custom video for you.

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