If you’re the kind of real estate agent who creates thought-leadership-style blogs. Grammarly can integrate into your existing software, like your email, google docs, and hootsuite. You can easily convert these into video assets. It’s also great for agents focused on building personal brand assets. Plus, pictor integrates with hootsuite! You can easily schedule your videos for publication within your dashboard.

Coffee & contracts is another brand offering real estate social media posts designed on caneva. This service is better than your average canva-template-business due to its realtor-specific community and wide breadth of pre-created assets.

They offer a facebook group, plenty of guides for new realtors, and pre-made monthly social media content calendars. Coffee & contracts also provides a wide range of templated digital assets, like email marketing, blogs, and other printable materials.

Aeratable Automation

Just a note on limitations: pre-made monthly content calendars can be a little tricky since you risk posting the same thing as your competitors or following a strategy that isn’t tailored to your goals and audience. Custom posts and strategies will always be business lead your best bet. But, for an easy-to-customize pre-made post template, coffee & contracts can offer automated content creation to busy realtors.

As with any tool, there are dos and don’ts when using automation for real estate. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you automate your social media. Automating your social media can be a big help. But your followers will notice if you let the robots take over your account.

Create and Analyze Paid Campaigns

In your social media posts. Avoid sounding robotic or spamming followers with excessive content. Automation should complement, not replace, your personal touch on social media. Take the time to engage with others, respond to comments and questions, and add a human vibe to your online presence.

Do invest time in planning. Take the BZ Lists time to plan out your posts ahead of time, using metrics to guide your decision-making. This can help ensure you post content that resonates with your audience and achieves your desired engagement. You can use AI tools to help you plan, but don’t let them do the entire planning themselves. They’re smart, but you still know your audience and business better.


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