I recommend that you think about the following things for your ideal reader: A name and possibly even a picture Profession and study background Hobbies Earnings level Family members How to dress and how to look Objects of interest (extremely important when you start doing marketing on Facebook) Issues He Struggles With (And You Can Help) Objectives With the help of these points, you can create for yourself a dream reader as realistic as possible, which will help you build better target groups for your marketing on Facebook. Writing Facebook posts also becomes easier when you know exactly who you are making them for. I promise that once you get this point right, you’ll never have to struggle with what to post on Facebook or how to market there. All you have to do is talk to your ideal reader. 3. that many bloggers always fall into the same mistake when producing content for their Facebook page. I myself have fallen into this same mistake, i.e.

Versatility of posts I have noticed

sharing only and only links to my own blog posts on my fb page. Sharing your own blogs is of course also the purpose of a Facebook page, but special data in addition to them, you should also produce other varied content there, so that the followers’ interest remains and they feel that they are getting something more than links to the latest articles. So I recommend giving your followers added value by producing some content for your Facebook page that is not found on your blog. It can be, for example, a picture of your day, a question for your followers, a combination of an inspiring sentence and a picture, a short tip for your followers, etc… You will be able to offer the most added value when you create a similar publication calendar for your Facebook page, which you have certainly done for your blog as well.  too complicated, but the simpler it is, the easier it is to follow.

You shouldn't make the publication calendar

You can place, for example, the following types of posts in your Facebook publication calendar: My blog posts Of course, you should share your blog content every time you publish a new blog post. In addition, you can redistribute your old best texts every now and then and publish the most read article of your blog every month. Other people’s blog posts In addition to your own content, you can always share other bloggers’ good writings, which you think will also be of interest to your own followers. In this way, you give your followers other interesting reading besides your own texts. In addition, in the best case scenario, other bloggers will start reciprocating BZ Lists your content to their own readers. Collecting an email list In some of your Facebook posts, you can direct people to join your email list.


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