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Blogger, have you created a Facebook strategy? 4 tips for a successful strategy Just like for your blog, you should also prepare a proper strategy for your Facebook page. It facilitates and clarifies the use of Facebook as a content distribution site and as a source of traffic to your blog. In this text, I give 4 tips for creating a blogger’s Facebook strategy. 1. Facebook blogger groups are not necessarily the way to an explosive increase in the number of visitors to your blog, but Facebook groups should still not be completely forgotten. groups, you can find groups on Facebook that are focused on the topic of your own blog, and where there is an active discussion on the topic.

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If you can share your content in these groups, you can very well increase the number of readers of your blog quickly. So try to find groups on Facebook that fit your latest database blog’s topic and invest in actively following them, so that you can help other people with your skills whenever you get the chance and thus slowly increase your recognition. And of course, share your own blog posts in the groups where it is allowed to share them. Blogger, have you created a Facebook strategy 2. Finding the target group Building a Facebook strategy starts with defining which target group your blog is for. I personally don’t really like talking about target groups, because target group means a large mass, and the blog is not meant to please everyone.  every blogger to think about their ideal reader, on which the foundation of your entire blog, but also your Facebook strategy, is built

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 With the help of your ideal reader, you can more easily plan and build your Facebook posts and ads. These should always be directly addressed to a specific person, not to a large group or to yourself. So the purpose is that you can speak directly to one real (or realistic) person in all your communication. How do you create your ideal reader? The ideal reader is therefore created as accurately as possible and one person, the dream reader, for BZ Lists whom your blog is intended, is thought about. An ideal reader can also be a real person who you know is the perfect reader for your blog.

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