You can find more tutorial videos on my Youtube channel . Favicon Adding a favicon to WordPress This is how to add a favicon to WordPress. In the control panel, select Appearance and then Customize. Favicon After that, click on “Site identity”… Favicon And add the image normally to WordPress. If you’ve never had a favicon, you’ll probably see “Add image” or “Add favicon”. It says change to me because I’ve already done this once. Add an image by downloading the favicon you just made from your computer and finally save or publish the changes. Favicon Adding a  Blogger control panel, choose either “Edit” or “Download” under Appearance and Favicon from the link list. Favicon Download the image from your computer and save.

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 Easy! Favicon What do you think about Favicon? Does it matter or is it completely pointless?  created a Facebook strategy? 4 tips for a new data successful strategy Guest pens by experts , For social media | 3 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 43 SHARES Facebook 43 Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Blogger, have you created a Facebook strategy? You must have prepared a strategy for your blog, the purpose of which is to bring more engaged readers belonging to your target group to your blog and make them enjoy your blog. Maybe you also have a Facebook page set up for your blog, where you share your latest blog posts and through which you hope to get more traffic to your blog. prepare a proper strategy for your Facebook page. It facilitates and clarifies the use of Facebook as a content distribution site and as a source of traffic to your blog.

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Facebook blogger groups Before we go into more detail about finding your target group on Facebook or planning the contents, I would like to ask you a couple of questions: Are you a member of various blogger groups on Facebook? What about Do you feel that you get a lot of added value from them and do they bring a lot of readers to your blog? Your answer may be no. The blogging groups I’ve been a member of have seemed more like places where everyone just leaves a link to their BZ Lists own blog post and disappears from the scene without having to browse the updates of other group members, not to mention visiting other people’s blogs.


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