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 This gives a more professional image of the favicon, because the end result is not a different background color than the gray color of the browser. Add a dot to ” Transparent Canvas ” and click the ” Apply ” button. Favicon In this example, I’m using a white circle as the background of the favicon. There are different icons on the left, from which I choose a butterfly.  the left menu. When I click on the “Geometric” image, I get a circle selected. I click on the circle and it moves on top of the square. When I click on the circle, it “activates” so I can grab the corner and enlarge it.

A new menu appears next to

I enlarged the circle to fit inside the square box. After that, I chose white as the background color (Color 2) for the circle new database (Color 1 changes the color of the outline). NOTE! I only noticed at this point, when I uploaded the image below to the blog, that I had accidentally put an arrow next to the “Export” text. At this stage, we are not wrestling with “Export” yet, because we are not yet downloading the image to our own computer. Sorry about that. Favicon I wanted to make this favicon simple, so I decided to add only the initials  circle. I clicked on the Tt sign on the left, and then I could see the different fonts. I chose the Bilbo Swash Caps font as a decorative font.

T and K inside the white

 I clicked on the font and then the “Add text” button. After that I activate the letter T by clicking on it. I edited the font size as large as possible and chose a suitable blue-green shade. Favicon Finally, I copied the letter T, changed it to another letter K and the favicon was ready. After that, you clicked on the “Export” button at the top… Favicon …I named the image favicon, kept the image format .png, confirmed the size of the image and finally just uploaded BZ Lists the image to my computer. Simple! Watch the video below on how to add a Favicon to your own blog. You can find screen instructions below the video.

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