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Monitor competitor ads and how often they appear

You can do this by: Using ad intelligence tools (e.g. Spyfu. or AdGooroo) Analyze search engine rankings Monitor competitor ads and how often they appear Look at their online presence including social meia Network with industry players and learn more about budget spends These tactics will help you to understand your industry better and see what’s working for your competitors in audience engagement. Step 6: Analyze their Performance and ROI It’s important to understand the performance and ROI of your competitors for PPC activity. The best way to do this is to analyze industries or standard benchmarks for your industry. This example from Wordstream on Google ads and Microsoft ads in 2022 gives you a great place to start and set KPIs for your campaigns that are realistic and achievable. Search advertising benchmarks Search advertising benchmarks The metrics you should understand and track are average positions. cost per click. cost per lead. CTR.

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