Generate Internal Linking Recommendations

The changes to the current report. Explorations not reports are usually worth saving for keeps. Select a conversion from the dropdown under “Session conversion rate.” Because we’re doing a content marketing audit use a content-relat goal such as download or subscribe. Of course you’ll ne to have conversion events set up in GA4 or nothing will appear in that dropdown. Now you’re looking at the performance of each “default channel group” which are the high-level sources of traffic. Comparing the metrics for each you’ll see

Which are most

Effective in which ways. You’ll immiately notice that some channels are better for attracting visitors. Others are better for engaging and converting visitors. If you’re looking for a benchmark engagement rate our research business database found that 55% engagement rate is average across channels. ga4 report showing traffic sources Next steps/Action items: This kind of top-line data isn’t the best for making decisions. Are email visitors engag? How are those Google Ads doing? We’ll do deeper analysis in a minute. But the big picture content strategy impact is usually something like this: If it’s not working fix it or give up on it. If it is working double

Content performance

I receiv a week after going through these steps with a client… This is the fastest way to improve your rankings because it start with phrases that already have some performance. No ne to worry so much about keyphrase research site spe and backlinks. It already ranks. The BZ Lists only downside is that there are only so many opportunities. Eventually you’ll have eaten all of the low hanging fruit and you’ll have to move on to new content and new keywords. Next: How to Write a New Blog Post for SEO (with high-spe video) Find

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