Do you want to find backlinks that you can easily replicate for your website? You should; backlinks are one of Google’s top two ranking factors. How do we know? They confirmed it a couple of years ago. Pages with lots of backlinks also tend to get more traffic from Google, according to our study. The […]
Do you want to see how much traffic a website gets? There are a few different ways to do this. Before I get to those, though, here’s an important point: If you own the website, there’s no need to estimate. You can install Google Analytics (for free) and see close to exact traffic numbers.But as […]
This article relies on two related arguments: 1. Bad content on big websites earns more links than it deserves. 2. Great content on small websites earns fewer links than it deserves. Why does this matter? Because most of us base our content strategy on the “most linked” content on a topic. Too often, that focuses […]
Nowadays it is fashionable to be a blogger, and you have probably heard many times the saying “I want to be a blogger!” Or you may have seen several articles with the benefits of being a fashion blogger. But, it is not always easy to achieve it and there are many ways to make a […]
Would you like to be a fashion blogger or have a successful blog? Do you aspire to be on the list of the most important awards for blogs in Spain? To achieve this you should participate in the best awards that exist for blogs, but do you know which ones are the most important? In […]
Before starting, are you clear about what a community manager is ? What should be the qualities that a good community manager should have? What are your main functions in a company? Do you know the essential skills that companies Complete guide look for in this professional? If you need answers to these questions and […]
Despite the great boom that social networks. Changes in Email and instant messaging apps have had , email marketing is still a very good option for companies to carry out their promotions and advertising. This should not surprise us, because it is not in vain that email has become one of the best direct marketing […]
Today we will talk about how vital. Why should you it is to configure your CRM with your email software. Thanks to the fact that companies now have multiple ways to communicate with their customers, including offline and online methods . Having more communication channels is a good thing for a brand, but it also […]
    During this generation Electronic invoicing entire countries. Have joined an awareness campaign to preserve the planet. Honestly, it has been a very useless patch scientifically speaking, but from this side of the world we can see how a culture has been created capable of creating tools capable of benefiting that concern and, at […]
Consumer trends are the compass that guides brands, and in this sense. Brands have an obligation to anticipate the crazy changes made by consumers. Who deliberately abandon stillness and are always looking for novelty. Market research firm Mintel has focused exactly on consumer trends and how they are impacting brands in a report that dissects […]
Wholesaler. Notify you when. You can even follow companies and get site updates about their latest activities. By listing your business on this script, you can take advantage of their search engines to direct traffic to your company website with minimal effort. Dealkart E-Commerce Script Portal is a complete ready-made script portal for launching your […]
Rare Photos That Arouse Your Emotions Amazing Titanic Pictures: Rare Photos That Arouse Your Emotions 6. Crisis Management A company enters a crisis when an event occurs that threatens its survival. It is the responsibility of the PR agency to identify the cause of the crisis and take appropriate action to control the situation. If you are […]