How to Find Backlinks That You Can

Do you want to find backlinks that you can easily replicate for your website? You should; backlinks are one of Google’s top two ranking factors. How do we know? They confirmed it a couple of years ago. Pages with lots of backlinks also tend to get more traffic from Google, according to our study. The secret to finding backlinks that help you rank in Google Find out where your competitors get their links from, then replicate them. Not sure who your competitors are? How to Find They’re the sites that already rank high in Google for the search queries you want to rank for. Your job is to find (and replicate) the backlinks that helped them get there.

This data comes

From Ahrefs’ industry-leading backlink database which contains 212 BILLION pages. It was built by crawling the web and is updated every 15-30 minutes. We also company data crawl 4.1 million pages every minute! We crawl so fast, in fact, that Ahrefs’ crawler outperforms Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. The bottomline? You can use the Backlinks report Site Explorer to check backlinks to any website or web page. So if you enter a competitor’s site, you’ll see all their backlinks. How is this useful? Because some of your competitor’s links helped them to rank well. Your job is to find those links and replicate them. But this report often uncovers hundreds of thousands of backlinks…. You should always research backlinks on a page-by-page basis. This is crucial.

Always start by researching

The page from which you’re trying to replicate backlinks. SIDENOTE. If your goal is to build links to your homepage, it’s fine to start your research from BZ Lists a competing homepage. Just make sure you’re researching the individual URL, not the entire website. How do you choose a page to research? How to Find It comes down to your circumstances and goals. If you want to build links to existing content on your site, start by finding similar content that already has backlinks. For example, if we wanted to build links to our list of SEO tips, we’d start by researching a similar list of tools that has some backlinks, like this one. If you want to create new content with the goal of attracting links, start by studying what works for competitors.

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