Bohra’s departure from the TV series Quoll Hai

 Before you buy a domain, make sure it is not taken. Check Is the address/name already booked? Ytj Association register ® | © | ™ / name bring to your readers? Is the domain / name close to another blog or brand? Google the domain / blog name. Do the search results have a positive or negative reputation? Does one and the same blog/brand/company dominate the search results? Is the blog name free also on social media channels?  that the domain should be easy to remember and it should be essentially related to the topic of your affiliate blog. So it’s pointless to choose the “Hehkejat hellut” domain if you sell car spare parts…

The most important thing is

You want the domain to be found easily and quickly in Google’s search results. The layout of the blog, i.e. the theme new data  jargon is behind us, the next step is to think of the best possible theme for the blog. You can find ready-made and free themes directly from WordPress. Paid ones are also a good option, and WordPress themes don’t cost much. Alternatives are e.g. Mojo Marketplace or Creative Market, which I myself actively use . <<– affiliate link Among other things, the current theme of this blog was bought from Creative Market.

Now all the technical

The layout of this blog was built by Riitta. Whether your theme is free or paid, keep these things in mind: Simplicity is beautiful – so don’t go for something that looks like a BZ Lists  herring salad. On the web and in blogs, white space is more than allowed and makes it easier for the reader to stay on the blog longer. Use standard fonts – don’t play around with special fonts. If the text is too small or the font is too difficult to read, it is easier for the reader to leave than to stay to see what you wrote. Choose one main color and support it with 2-3 other colors – you don’t want to turn your blog into a 90s neon monster. Calm colors make the reader stay longer.

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