Electronic invoicing has arrived to make your business green and great


During this generation Electronic invoicing entire countries. Have joined an awareness campaign to preserve the planet. Honestly, it has been a very useless patch scientifically speaking, but from this side of the world we can see how a culture has been created capable of creating tools capable of benefiting that concern and, at the same time, generating sources of savings. A good and useful example is electronic invoicing, which will take almost no time to explain to you. Electronic invoicing: less paper, more productive No matter where we look at it, the elimination of paper for invoices, delivery notes, dispatch reports, guarantees, manuals and all the paperwork that comes with products and services, regardless of their origin.

Presenting itself  Electronic invoicing

simply good news. And no, let’s be honest, it’s not to help the planet, it’s because the savings are substantial by not having the need to print paper. How to do electronic billing Electronic invoicing has followers all over the world, the prophets executive email list of this model are online stores , especially giants like Amazon , AliExpress or Ebay, which ship millions of products per day and who previously spent hundreds of tons on paper just to document a product. Now with electronic billing, proof of payment and all conditions reach the buyer’s email before what you ordered arrives at your door, a great advantage considering that.

Electronic invoicing

this in turn serves as support in case of problems in the shipment. the electronic invoice is the most homogeneous solution to the stark need to eliminate paper from companies. Less mistakes, more automatic Companies lost millions BZ Lists of dollars in the previous generation because the human factor made a mistake when making the invoice, with this billing the procedure is completely automatic and the calculations are based on the prices, shipping conditions and rights / duties subscribed between the buyer and the store at the time of finalizing the purchase. It is only a matter of keeping the maintenance.

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