5 consumer trends brands should pay attention

Consumer trends are the compass that guides brands, and in this sense. Brands have an obligation to anticipate the crazy changes made by consumers. Who deliberately abandon stillness and are always looking for novelty. Market research firm Mintel has focused exactly on consumer trends and how they are impacting brands in a report that dissects the trends that are destined to become huge disruptive forces in consumption over the next five years.

Transfer power to the people

Consumers want to be given a more active role and work with brands articulate change. In the UK, for example, 41% of consumers believe that direct-to-consumer companies have a closer relationship with their customers than traditional companies. 

20% of people follow influencers full-time on social company data media. On the other hand, only 5% found the opinions of opinion leaders interesting. It is therefore clear that brands (who must listen, react and innovate) must strive to create models where consumers can actively help drive change.

Shift from global to local

In an environment of global uncertainty, consumer are once again focusing on local resources. Consumers’ growing commitment to local businesses is a remnant of the pandemic. But also proof that their behavior does change in the long term.

By buying regional products, consumers can protect BZ Lists themselves financially Ecologically and psychologically. While also feeling like they are giving back to their communities. Consumers almost instinctively turn to local companies that offer truly authentic products and services. Over the next five years, brands will increasingly be required to be transparent about the traceability of raw materials and measures aimed at protecting natural resources.

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