Changes in Email Marketing for this

Despite the great boom that social networks. Changes in Email and instant messaging apps have had , email marketing is still a very good option for companies to carry out their promotions and advertising. This should not surprise us, because it is not in vain that email has become one of the best direct marketing instruments . The fact of being able to establish direct relationships with customers. Is simply wonderful however. Like everything related to the internet email marketing.  recommended to continue. Using the same email marketing strategies. As they used when this trend began.

New trends email marketing Changes

What follows is a walk through the most conservative. Changes in Email standards. That should be applied. To the way the market should view email today and tomorrow. Not only as a one-way message communication tool. But also as a personalized interaction company data environment with great potential. Think mobile before computer. Did you know that more emails are opened from smartphones. Than those that are opened through computers.. Soisn’t it logical to think that Newsletters should have a friendly appearance and be easy to read through these devices.

Get your readers involved

Believe me, if you give your consumers particular interests, they will feel more attracted to your product, you can include images, buttons , surveys, sliders, etc. Through the inclusion of this element, a higher engagement rate is achieved in BZ Lists return and at the same time reducing bounces. Yes, in reality we are not recommending anything new, but we know that 2017 was undoubtedly the year of interactive email and everything indicates that the same streak will continue in 2018 , so you should make an effort to study all the new forms of email marketing that are currently being developed in the community.

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