Creating a list for the internet user means having

Creating a list for the internet user means having a precise reminder of what they want or what they ne to buy. A very useful function in cases such as important events (wdings. Birthdays. Births. Etc.) allowing them to save time in browsing and . Why not. Even in the organization of the event itself. For online retailers and. In general. For those who do digital marketing. It is an essential tool that offers data on the purchasing behavior of individual users .

The wish list also provides information

 which products are purchas immiately and which are set aside. The wish list also new data  provides information on email marketing campaigns. Showing any responses and reactions to flash sales. Coupons or free shipping offers. Knowing your target audience means being able to communicate with greater “Intimacy” with them. Building loyalty in the relationship and creating. Through notifications and alerts. Also a sense of continuity. Dialogue and. Where we are talking about a few remaining pieces. Of “Urgency”. .

Both in terms of usability and functionality and customer services

An innovative platform . Both in terms of usability BZ Lists  and functionality and customer services . Capable of interacting with the complex corporate technological infrastructure: this was ‘s ne . The leading company in the distribution of hardware and building products. Also involv in the tool. Thermo-hydraulic. Plumbing and gardening sectors. Ne an attentive partner capable of considering the evolutionary nes dictat by the market.He therefore chose intempra for this job. Aiming for maximum customization of the b2b portal .

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