But which the user does not want to buy immiately

The function of this tool is to “Store”. Create a kind of reminder about an interesting product. But which the user does not want to buy immiately. Inserting it into the wishlist means looking at it again. “Monitoring” it and. Obviously. Returning to the same e-commerce site. The wish list is a function reserv only for users register on the platform and. To add products. In addition to having an account. You must be logg in.

The user can personalize it

The user can personalize it. Inserting not only information such as email address or the day of his birthday. But also renaming it depending on the occasion or purpose for new database which he is creating it and. Consequently. Consulting it. Obviously. The social aspect is not missing in this case either: you can often choose to share it on social mia to interact with your contacts on facebook. Twitter. Etc. Or make your tastes and nes known.

This last step obviously represents an indisputable

This last step obviously represents an indisputable strong point for the retailer. Since. Through sharing on social mia. The visibility of the brand and any new conversions increase.But what advantages does it bring and  why should the wishlist always be BZ Lists implement on an e-commerce site? First of all. It improves the customer’s purchasing experience . Encouraging them to return to the platform. The retailer can. In fact. Inform the buyer of a flash sale or. Again. Invite him to save an unavailable product. And then update it when it is on sale again.

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