The intempra team first carri out an analysis of the competitors’ solutions. And then interact with zangrillo customers’ sales points in order to understand their expectations and nes. Not only that: he also interfac with sales agents. To understand their nes and their important findings on the market and make the portal as efficient as possible in light of the information obtain. The portal creat is characteriz by extreme customization of every

Intempra has work on a completely

aspect relating to offers and promos for customers. Intempra has work on a latest database completely new product catalog model bas on a semantic . Effective and easy-to-use search engine. The focus was therefore on work capable of implementing marketing and innovation strategies . Creating a b2b portal that is even more cutting-ge than the best on the market. An activity. Therefore. Of innovation that allows the customer to carry out numerous marketing and non-marketing actions.

The website presents a complex system

The website presents a complex system of filters BZ Lists and product presentation . As well as an advanc promotion management system. Through the portal it is. In fact. Possible to manage up to 5 different promotions of the same item for maximum customization of market logic. Not only that: the platform has various features. For internal use and for use by zangrillo customers.


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