In the first case. For internal use. There is in fact a reserv area. An after-sales assistance system and the possibility of creating estimates. The portal allows zangrillo customers to easily consult the product catalog and immiately view new items. Allowing them to offer their customers products that are not available on site and thus expand the offer. 

A winning function and strategy that translates

A winning function and strategy that translates into special data a growing number of sales for zangrillo and for its own customers. Our work went beyond the simple resolution of technical problems. Giving life to a real partnership with zangrillo. Which we support with new proposals. Solutions and ideas such as business intelligence and artificial intelligence strategies . The aim was. In fact.

To help zangrillo in marketing and sales activities

To help zangrillo in marketing and sales activities. With the most BZ Lists innovative of approaches. To date. Zangrillo. Which represents one of the largest wholesale distribution companies in the center and south with offices in formia (lt) and cavallino (le). Operates with over 1000 active customers. The portal also has a catalog of over 30 thousand references.To learn more about the web project creat for zangrillo distribuzione we invite you to read the  


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