How the crawl budget Mastering On is being distributed. That is, the time that these robots allocate to explore your website. You will be able to see if there are server errors. What type of files are being crawled or what type. Of robots are accessing the website (smartphone, PC, images…). It is important that […]
 If, on the other Step by Step hand, the SERPS. Are hard, you will need more resources (more time and more money). To rank, and this can directly influence the money a client pays you. On the other hand, knowing who. The website is focused on is useful to understand. How that person searches on […]
You may be thinking (and not without reason) that The Ultimate there is so much work to do on a website to improve its positioning that you don’t even know where to start. Here each SEO, whether it is a consultant or not, logically has its method when starting an audit. Obviously we are talking […]
 Nowadays Coca-Cola no longer needs to Inside the catch people’s attention or encourage their awareness and that is why it uses shorter slogans with more abstract words that are easy to read and are generally more attractive to the potential customer.5 things that Generation Z looks for at work (and that their bosses haggle over […]
The characteristics of memorable slogans are opposite Join Product. To the qualities of catchy slogans. “Our research shows that having a memorable slogan may potentially. Displease some consumers , but may, on the contrary, be the most ideal for a new wave brand,” emphasizes Hodges. When Coca-Cola was still a few years old, the famous […]
 August 21, 2023 at 3:11 p.m. SHARE Twitter Memorable Product Industry. slogans are not necessarily those that the consumer likes the most and those. “Claims” with which the audience most sympathizes are not the ones that are best remembered. When brands decide to hang on the arm of a slogan, they normally look for emblems […]
Mini-conclusion: Focus your actions on influencing the input to improve the result So Vic, it’s not possible to control or influence the output of the system? Of course it is possible! Of course. As you may have deduced while reading the difference between leading and lagging indicators, the way to influence the output (which is […]
Growth Hacking and Frustration.How to Apply. the .LLCC Framework by Victor Campuzano | 18 Oct 2019 .Growth Hacking Methodology | 0For instance Comments I have met few people with .Vicent’s tenacity. His capacity for growth, his insight, his .Ideas,.his desire to share and his absorption capacity. He shows great humility that helps .Him take the […]