Step-by-Step SEO Audit Process Boost Your Website’s Performance

 If, on the other Step by Step hand, the SERPS. Are hard, you will need more resources (more time and more money). To rank, and this can directly influence the money a client pays you. On the other hand, knowing who. The website is focused on is useful to understand. How that person searches on Google ” and also to know. How to focus the copy and content ”, vital elements for modern positioning. When you are clear about these concepts. It will be much easier for you to make decisions when starting to work. Check crawling and indexing The correct positioning of your website will largely depend on crawling and indexing.

Will be much Step by Step easier for you to make decisions when starting

Why do I emphasize this? Because it industry email list is one thing for Google to crawl and index your website and another for it to do it the way you want, that is, to show the URLs you want in the search results (the most important ones for you) and for the words key you want. Below we will go into the details of this little by little. The first thing to check is how many URLs on the website are indexed. To do this, you can go to Google Search Console and click on the Coverage Report . search console index url At a glance you can see that on this website there are 99 URLs indexed correctly, 23 excluded and 6 with errors.

URLs to find which ones are giving errors and why they

Below this graph you will find a table BZ Lists with more details in which you can apply a filter with the current status of the URLs to find which ones are giving errors and why they are giving them. indexacion search console If you click on both the Error and Excluded states you will be able to see the list of URLs that are not being indexed to check if everything is correct or, in fact, there is an error. To find out how Google robots are crawling, follow this path in Search Console: Settings -> Crawl Statistics -> Open Report rastreo search console In addition to this graph, you have several tables and reports in which you can check in detail how the robots crawl your website

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