You may be thinking (and not without reason) that The Ultimate there is so much work to do on a website to improve its positioning that you don’t even know where to start. Here each SEO, whether it is a consultant or not, logically has its method when starting an audit. Obviously we are talking about audits done in a “handmade” way, that is, not the typical documents generated by an SEO tool in a couple of clicks. Eye! Tool-generated SEO reports are great for personal use , as they give you a predefined road map. However, if you are thinking about audits for your clients, you should take care and create your own documents even if you rely on these reports. I am going to tell you, step by step, the path you must follow to do a complete SEO audit.

Logically has its The Ultimate method when starting an audit

First steps: know the website, the sector and the objectives top industry data If there is a mistake that is made in SEO, it is taking everything as absolute truths or learning a method by heart and applying it as is at all times, mechanically. Although it is clear that there are more or less established bases regarding positioning, each website is a world and a certain SEO action may work on one, but may not on another . Therefore, before starting to work on a website you should take a look at it and ask yourself a series of questions. Is it a niche to monetize? Is it a personal blog? Are you an e-commerce? Is it the website of a local business.

The consumption of resources you need to position

Each type of website needs different BZ Lists SEO work. And you must also take into account the sector to which the website belongs and who it is aimed at. Knowing the sector, even superficially for the “ core keywords ” (or most representative main keywords) will give you an approximate vision of whether you are moving in a competitive field or not. The consumption of resources you need to position also depends on how high the competition is within a specific SERP. In this way, we could give the following extreme example: If a client hires you to position their website “commercial law lawyer in Miraflores de la Sierra” you can do it quickly and only with some content and basic on-page SEO.


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