Mini-conclusion: Focus your actions on influencing the input to improve the result So Vic, it’s not possible to control or influence the output of the system? Of course it is possible! Of course. As you may have deduced while reading the difference between leading and lagging indicators, the way to influence the output (which is measurable and what interests us) is to act and improve the input (which is where we have the most power to influence) . TRUE? Think of a machine capable of turning grapes into wine (what a luxury, hip hip). You have no idea how the machine works, you know that you put grapes in and wine comes out.

Correlation vs

Correlation vs Causation: the search for the missing pattern Ya Vic, very nice. You tell us a little about concepts with English names that you probably don’t even know how to pronounce and you feel so comfortable. But the reality is that, as a general rule, our product, service, objectives or situation are nothing like a machine that turns grapes top industry data into wine. I wish it were as simple as grape-wine. We improve the grapes, rich wine. Wow, how simple. The reality is that (and increasingly so) the systems are very complex, resembling more like a steroid flux capacitor with an A+ energy classification that receives 1,000 different ingredients, that accepts 1,000 variations of those ingredients and that results in not only wine. , but (and at the same time) must, fibers to weave and seeds to sow.

The difference between

The difference between correlation and causation The most common way to explain the difference between these two concepts is to compare the evolution of the number of pirates at sea with global warming. Pirates and global warming As you can see, the relationship is almost linear. Does that mean the reduction of pirates at sea is warming the planet? Or that the BZ Lists planet’s rising temperature is killing off pirates? Does it mean you’re more of a pirate when you get hot or that getting hot is hacking? You tell me, I don’t think there is a relationship. There is a correlation. That is, a coincidence. There is no direct relationship between these two situations because, honestly, I don’t think that putting a bunch of pirates in the sea will reduce the temperature of the planet. TRUE?


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