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The characteristics of memorable slogans are opposite Join Product. To the qualities of catchy slogans. “Our research shows that having a memorable slogan may potentially. Displease some consumers , but may, on the contrary, be the most ideal for a new wave brand,” emphasizes Hodges. When Coca-Cola was still a few years old, the famous soft drink. Coca-Cola revives and sustains or The great national temperance beverage”, but these types of slogans are, nevertheless, easier to remember (which was precisely what the soft drink brand needed at the dawn of the 20th century).

Join the The great national Join Product temperance beverage

Brand used to use slogans that mentioned its own name and made industry email list use of not entirely conventional vocabulary ( which could be shocking to the potential customer). ” Coca-Cola revives and sustains” was, for example, its motto back in 1905. And in 1906 Coca-Cola raised the curtain on the slogan “The great national temperance beverage.

Consumers may not be convinced by slogans

Later, when it was already a well-known BZ Lists brand Join Product. throughout the globe, Coca-Cola chose, instead, to omit its name from its slogans and rely on more succinct words of a more abstract nature. In 1999 Coca-Cola adopted the slogan “Enjoy”, while in 2016 it launched the slogan “Taste the feeling”. According to Hodges, consumers may not be convinced by slogans such as.

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