Facebook and 5 good intentions for 2018

Facebook and 5 good intentions for 2018. If you want to beat the competition on mark zuckerberg’s platform, the new year begins with the right thumb. And you treasure the main lessons of 2017. The christmas holidays always bring with . Them a wind of positivity and a great desire for novelty. With your foot just past the door of 2018, we can’t help but turn back to better understand the path we are about to take. And so make all the precious ideas collect in recent months. Are you of this idea too? The christmas holidays are also a super opportunity . For big brands, which must be able to get notic during the highlight of the year. For purchases, showing the best of their social communication. 

Use videos and GIFs

Surely you will have notic it too. Scrolling with your finger on your wall: the posts shar on facebook in.  December from the most famous pages stand out new data for creativity. And then we study together their ideas to draw up the list of the five good.  Intentions that will guide our (and your) social activity in 2018. Looking closely at their latest brilliant moves, we will have a useful map . To start the new year with the right thumb. On facebook of course. I want to personalize my communication imageimage 1. Be witty let yourself be inspir by motta, perhaps the queen company of social mia at christmas time.

Search for empathy

Motta to tell the truth shone throughout 2017. And, thanks to his successful recipe of irony and humor, left his mark on the web. Devastating like the meteorites  BZ Lists  of the campaign design.  For buondì, the motta creativity won a place among the best social . Epic win of 2017 and return to the fore a couple of weeks ago on facebook with a relat post. The goal? Tear up smiles. Motta has chosen to leverage the humor also to promote other . Confectionery products, such as panettone and tartufone. Here are the posts: what do you think? The same strategy was adopt by nutella who.  Proposing the testimonial luca argentero in different situations.  Publish a series of witty memes to promote the sweet snack nutella b-ready. Barilla jok instead about a typical aspect of italian christmas: t

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