The 7 Best Social epic Wins of 2017

The 7 best social epic wins of 2017 from the spot of buondì motta to the tribute for the death of the famous.  Comian paolo villaggio, let’s see together all the social epic win that characteriz this 2017. 2017 is about to end and, between asteroids that . Affect mothers and the elimination of the blues from the world cup.  This year has made a good talk of itself, for better or for worse. So what better way to remember it than with a list of the best epic wins that have depopulat on social mia? – are you ready? Let’s start then! An epic win can be: sweet do you remember the buondì motta commercial? Difficult to forget it, 

An epic win can be: sweet

 Throughout the month of september on. Social mia there was no talk of anything else: there are those who consider it.  A brilliant and provocative new database stunt to the right point and those who.  Instead consider it in bad taste, even going so far as to invest the creators of the spot. On our own, it was an epic win. Why is that? Because it has hit the goal of every advertiser: to make the brand . Speak and monopolize the conversation about the product. Here is the video: an epic win can be: sporty it will be hard.  For italian football to forget this fatal year: it was since 1958 that italy could not qualify for the world cup. The failure against swen and the mismanagement of the team . By coach ventura saw a large number of ironic and sarcastic images. 

An epic win can be: sporty

The best one? For us, ikea, who has been able to take advantage of real time marketing in a spectacular way. Ikea-panchina an epic win can be: scary the fight between the kings of fast food, this year, had a halloween winner. Burger king manag to win the award with  BZ Lists  the best epic win ever.  Awarding scary clown night, a night in which he gave his whoopers, top sandwiches . In the chain, to anyone who show up at the burger king . Refreshment points disguis as a clown, always a symbol of mcdonaldmcdonald’s. The success of burger king’s advertising campaign.  Also rode the wave of it-mania, on the occasion of the release . Of the film bas on the famous novel by stephen king, and playing 

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