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Something of as great or greater value as the permission they give you to communicate directly with them! In Digital Marketing , the most efficient way to bring value to a person is through Content Marketing : the creation of materials in text, graphics, audio or video, capable of changing the lives of your ideal audience for the better! Content Marketing: the secrets to attracting, engaging and transforming your Audience into Customers Following in the footsteps of Microsoft when, back in 2003, it ne a way to attract more leads and increase the very low sales of the Office package.

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The success of visitors If content on your website is capable of changing someone’s life, leaving you a contact email in exchange for that new data  material is a tiny price to pay for a better life (or career)! What is Landing Page? Landing page is a page optimiz for conversion that has only one possible action: generating leads or sales. This change in concept occurr alongside the evolution of digital advertising, coupl with the popularization of Digital Marketing strategies, such as Inbound Marketing and Direct Marketing.

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Therefore. When You .Click on An. Ad, on an .E-Mail Marketing .Campaign. or .On. Banners, for Example, and Are .Direct .To a .Page. That .Does .Not .Have a .Menu (And, Generally. Any .External or Internal Link), Then You Is Forward to a Landing Page.
Landing page  BZ Lists  example When the landing page — the most us expression in Portuguese — does not aim to sell online, it will have a form to generate some type of conversion , such as: Quote request (or commercial contact); Access to some content or material (catalogs, case studies, e-books, spreadsheets, etc.); Subscription to newsletters. How to turn Landing Pages into Sales Learn in the Inbound Marketing Manual! Name.

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