How to create a perfect landing page want to sell more on the web? What you ne is a landing page. Find out what it is and how to create one with all the items you ne to increase conversions on your site. If your purpose is to increase product sales or to.  Inhate users to take a certain action on your site, then there is only one thing you ne: a landing page. What is a landing page? A landing page is a page on which users “land” in search of your products/services. It is a page different from the others of the site, as.  It is specifically design and design to push users to take the action.  You want: from the purchase of a product / service to the subscription to the newsletter.

What is a landing page?

The purposes of a landing page can be many but  all have a single purpose: to convert the user. Conversions. Converting a user means making him a customer.  Of your site, usually by letting them leave their email or data to be special data contact in the future. Come-creare-landing-page-perfetta_2 the features of an effective . Landing page landing pages are the basis of any web marketing strategy.  (very often when there is a paid . Advertising campaign) and must have certain characteristics. Attracting the customer’s attention . A landing page showcases the products of your site, . So it cannot be confusing or distracting the user from the final action. The attention of the user can be drawn using different elements: 

The features of an effective landing page

 We will see later how to structure these elements in detail. BZ Lists Persuading the users the title, images . Texts us inside and everything within the landing page must be able.  To persuade the user to perform the desir action. If you sell products, you will ne to focus the content of the page on the advantages . That users will get once they have purchas your . Product: in this case it is useful to insert a video or explanatory images . That describe the product and its characteristics in detail. Push the user to do one action whether it is registration to a service,.  Downloading a file, purchasing a product or filling out a form, a perfect landing page.  Must focus the user’s attention towards a single final action


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