Mobile game “Tap Skaters” In this fun game, you skateboard through numerous colorful tracks and try to stay on wheels as long as possible. Forget about jumping on curbs. It’s all about jumping! The skater automatically slides down the rail, and you tap the screen to jump to the lower one, while being careful of the numerous obstacles. Skating can make you hungry. Fortunately, this stage is full of hamburgers! Avoiding garbage cans and street lamps? Sitter. A fifteen-second race against the first opponent? Piece of cake. Catching a thief while dodging between huge mushrooms and stone heads.

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a new game from the creators of Alto’s Adventures you drive, you collect various items such , hamburgers and vinyl records. However, remember that too much greed can end in a crash! Fortunately, you’re back on your board Saudi quickly – all it takes is a few taps on the screen! With each mission, the challenge becomes Quality Directors Email Lists more challenging and you’re sure to take a few falls, but after a while you’ll be racing along the rails with flawless fluidity. Don’t let masked villains spoil your ride! Collect coins to unlock more characters, buy new furniture for your skater’s room, and even bet play money on your winnings in a race against another player This earns you reputation.

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which allows you to unlock new missions and climb

Catchy music and colorful graphics give Tap Skaters a cheerful tone  despite your falls! Download the app from the App Store Download the application in the Google Play store source: App Store Poland Lukasz Memoir ( Lukasz Majchrzak I have been dealing with Internet communication BZ Lists and e-marketing since 2005, I am passionate about mobile devices and new technologies – and I do not hesitate to use them.  GAME,,navigation macOS Catalina  available for download The Spotify Kids mobile music app for children has launched. What internet to choose for home.