It to do for example send a message to a new user who regters to my online. Store and after that first sending tell it. What else to do if my user opens the email and if he doesn’t open. It also give him prece instructions on what to do. Marketing automation allows you to get in touch with. Customers and develop increas sales and also. Begin to analyze databases to identify who the real customers  with whom you can work on. An automation and marketing plan. If you lik what you read we invite you to watch the free. Course “ special email flows for e-commerce ” with daniel palacio expert in e-commerce and marketing automation.

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Who will share with you keys to using email marketing and automation to increase your sales. Key segmentation concepts to optimize your sales marketing. University in marketing and sales we hear all the time about the importance of segmenting mobile app development service data customers content information. In th article karola bernal publict specialt in consumer psychology and marketing and business. Management will take you through the fascinating world of segmentation to teach. You how to create more direct and effective communications. Which convert your prospects into loyal customers and recurring.

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Segmenting databases essential to determine. What actions the brand should take with its users. Segmenting allows us to know what sales volume each. Type of customer represents what interests they have what their purchasing power and how BZ Lists to identify new niches to introduce the brand or my products. The three most relevant ways to segment from email marketing tools. Segment from subscribers selecting database users bas on different criteria such as for example people who have pets those who have children those who are vegetarians those who play sports etc.

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