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Even on the Instagram blog. Tula Analytics We count community subscribers and activity in communities. A total of indicators , for each of which a mini rating was prepare.  Subscribers These are accounts of people who are members of football club communities at on August , . We reflect them on the graphics of the stands of the football stadium. On the chart clubs are order by the number of unblock subscribers , i.e. the higher the club is locat , the more unblock subscribers in its VKontakte group. clubs Zenit , Spartak , CSKA, for the convenience of visual comparison of data by the reader, are order separately from.

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The other clubs block ones are visually out of bounds. The area of ​​the photo editing servies tribune sector proportionally corresponds to the number of subscribers enclose in these sectors . All subscribers This is the number of all accounts subscribe to the community. This indicator is visible directly in the group. Go to the Zenith group , in the block on the right there is a number this is the number of all subscribers of the community. We collect figures and compil the first mini rating of clubs bas on the total number of community subscribers. 

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Subscribers in the Zenit community. Link to all Zenit BZ Lists subscribers wk. com/zenith. On the graph light blue+blue+dark blue colors of. Zenit in the stands of the stadium . Block This is the number of accounts subscribe to the community , but block by the social network VKontakte for an indefinite period. This indicator is not visible in the group , but it can be calculat. For example , go to the Anzhi group , click on the heading Subscribers in the block on the right , in the pop up window, click on the search magnifying glass icon.

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