What is the purpose of a Landing Page? Unlike a website ‘s home page , which is generally more generic and comprehensive, landing  Email Access for pages are more objective and strategically creat. The idea is to awaken curiosity, create interest and provoke desire in the target audience so that they convert these feelings or nes into some type of positive action, as in the examples mention above. Regardless of the type, the sole purpose of landing pages is to generate conversions , which is why they differ from other pages on a website.

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Or he gives permission for his brand to contact him in exchange for solving a problem or desire; Or he leaves empty-hand, but with the  new database  realization that the problem he faces is much bigger than before and that there is a Email Access for  solution that only your company offers (which inclines him to come back to you when making a decision )! For these purposes of increasing conversions and sales, you ne working knowlge of: Prepare a specific strategy for landing pages taking into account the psychology of your audience and the phases of the purchasing journey they go through.

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To achieve this, the page must be clear, precise and organiz, truly offering what was promis, inform or specifi in your initial strategic campaign ! Tip: Website, blog, landing page, hotsite or e-commerce? Understand the difference! What is the  BZ Lists   relationship between Landing Pages and results? Landing pages directly impact the success of a Digital Marketing sales strategy because they give the potential customer no other alternative! To benefit from the content , product or service you present: Or the visitor contacts you in exchange for the solution they ne.


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