But despite its simplicity

And the testing process being quite complicated. Since the arrival of Cloud technology, this scourge is slowly disappearing. Cloud is the solution to the complexity that we need to face when we need a server. How come? Because with Cloud technology, we can build a server in just minutes. Extraordinary! By using Cloud technology, some of the burdens related to server provision can be reduced. You don’t need to prepare computer hardware, super fast internet, stable electricity, and a cool room. These things will be handled by a vendor who we call a Cloud Provider . Using the Cloud, you as a developer can focus on things that can increase business profits rather than thinking about complicated server infrastructure. Benefits of Cloud Technology There are many benefits you can get when .

Using the Cloud compared

To On-Premise. Below we describe 3 benefits when implementing Cloud: Cost savings The main benefit and of course the most sought after is cost savings. Because by using the Cloud, we don’t need to spend large costs up front to build application infrastructure. Cloud presents a more cost-effective solution because it can convert up-front costs into variable (operational) expenses. Flexible whatsapp number list Application infrastructure built using the Cloud is flexible compared to On-Premise. In the Cloud, you can scale (increase/decrease) servers easily based on your needs. Meanwhile, for On-Premise, for Scaling Server we need to buy physical components, install, configure and other manual things. Safe Application infrastructure built using the Cloud is also safe. Usually Cloud Providers have prepared a series of security implementations, for example F firewalls .

Plus the Cloud Provider has a staff

of security experts who ensure the Cloud infrastructure remains safe against attacks. Cloud Service Model Services in the Cloud are generally divided into 3 models. The first are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Let’s find out in more detail these three.IaaS is the most flexible cloud service. Because, when using BZ Lists IaaS services, you have full rights to the infrastructure used. You can determine the server specifications and operating system you want to use. You can also determine what applications you want to install and operate the server remotely like your personal computer . IaaS is suitable for use when you want to run applications that require special configuration. 

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