What are PHP frameworks? The PHP framework is software that functions. To simplify the website development process by providing. A basic structure for creating a website. By using a framework, the process of creating a website will be much faster. Why need to use it? There are many reasons why you can use a PHP framework to build your website, here are some of them. The development process becomes faster As has been explained. The process of creating a website using the PHP framework will be faster. This is because it provides various libraries and tools that can help developers. Reduces code writing Because this framework provides a variety of libraries and tools, automatically writing code will be much shorter, because developers don’t need to write long original .

Provides many libraries On a website

There are various general commands that developers need to make to support the website so that it runs optimally. Examples include carrying out validation and CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). Using a framework will really help you in creating all of this, instead of having to write functions that you create yourself, you can simply use a framework to whatsapp database make this easier. Easier to maintain code By using the PHP framework, you don’t need to worry about the code you create. Code will be easier to maintain or maintain. Apart from that, you also don’t need to worry about maintaining the core framework . Popular PHP frameworks in 2021 So you already know what a PHP framework is and the reasons for using it, right? So, now we’re getting into the main discussion, namely the most popular PHP frameworks in 2021. Listen carefully.

Laravel The first is Laravel

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This framework is very popular among web developers and was introduced in 2011. Laravel has elegant, concise and neat syntax or code. It is used to develop websites that have a high level of complexity. Apart from that, another advantage of Laravel is that it has a complete library, reliable capabilities, and a fairly large community. CodeIgniter Next is CodeIgniter BZ Lists or shortened to CI. This framework was launched in 2006 and has a distinctive architecture, namely Model View Controller (MVC). Through the MVC architecture, the code written is more structured because it is separated based on specific tasks. If you are a new developer who wants to learn the PHP framework, CodeIgniter could be the right choice, because it is easy to understand.


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