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Here are the exact steps on how to write a blog: Think about the topic of the blog and define it precisely . Think about the blog’s target group, i.e. who is most likely to read your blog. Think of a name or domain for the blog ; if you create a blog on your own homepage, the blog does not need a separate name. Brainstorm post ideas to write about; if you are an entrepreneur, start with the questions you are asked the most and answer one question in one blog post. the blog , specify the publication date and time. Reserve time in your calendar regularly for writing a blog.

Create a publication calendar for

Use the post structure when writing . Edit the blog post. Search engine optimized blog text . Share posts regularly on social media , on special data different days on different social media channels. Update old blog posts regularly, e.g. once a year, and also share older posts on Facebook. 12. How can you make your own blog? Making your own blog, i.e. starting a blog, can be done in several different ways. You can make a free blog , and the blog will look like many others who have free blogs. The most typical free blogging platform is Blogger. Or you can spend a little money (you don’t need a budget of hundreds or thousands of euros) and start your own blog in as little as 15 minutes . start a blog, I strongly recommend that you do not take a loan to start a blog .

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You also don’t need to start a business to blog . 13. Can I write a blog anonymously? Yes you can, but if your goal is to monetize your blog, it’s important to know that BZ Lists  it takes longer to build trust if you blog anonymously. In order for people to have the courage to buy the products you recommend, they must first know that the blog exists get to know you and your content get to know, remember and like you and to trust you so that they spend money through your blog. 

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