Promote the Fan mPay  and win valuable prizes

And the organizers have prepared an iPhone XR for the person with the highest number of points. Pay FAN Contest Recommend the mPay application – use the “recommend. Button in the application, accept the regulations and provide your phone number. Each transaction of the recommend person will be rewards with points for your account in the conversion of. The person with the most points will win an iPhone What to do to collect points? you must have the may application install and a registered account on the main view you nd to select the “recommend app” tile you must accept the contest rules each new.

Register and Enter the Phone

Registration must be price by entering your phone number in the “referral number” field. What to do to get PLN 5 to start? you must  number of the person who participates in the competition (acceptd the regulations.Provide you with their phone number)make a transaction for a minimum of. PLN 5 and you Belgium Phone Number List will receive a refund for your purse for future expenses (does not apply to phone. Top-up expenses)A message from the recommender will be sent to each person to whom the application will be recommend. “I recommend you a great application. Perfect for parking, buying tickets, top-ups and a lot of other things.

phone number list

Points for Each Transaction

PLN 5 you will receive a refund for a PLN 5 wallet. You will receive  of the recommend person. IN the conversion rate of PLN 1 – 1 point (points will be credited to your account) and for activity in social media. The prizes Hong Kong Lead in the FAN may competition are (for the highest number of collected. iPhone XR – for taking the first place 1 Samsung. Galaxy A5 PLN – for the second place 1 Fl. Spot voucher worth PLN 259.00 – for the third BZ Lists place1  voucher worth. PLN 259.00 – for the fourth place1 may  worth PLN 50.00 – for the fifth place1 voucher worth. PLN 50.00 – for the sixth place1 may voucher worth.

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