The annual settlement period runs from March to February / of the following year. The deadline for submitting the certificate Women in the is May each year. Share with others Up Previous article What is the business cycle. Business cycles in the economy Women in the Next article Civil partnership – what are its characteristics? Clause disclaimer on We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers. We answer individual questions relat to taxes and accounting of users via e-mail, chat or telephone – contact us.

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The details of data processing by IFIRMA SA on the privacy policy page of the website . Maybe these topics tooThey will make you curious Leasing  agreement – ​​content and subject of the agreement + template The leasing contract was regulat in the Act of April , – Civil Code, and its subject cannot be anything other than an item – movable or immovable. Mandatory BZ Lists elements of the leasing contract include the identification of the seller and the purchas item, the duration of the lease, and the amount of remuneration due. A contract for a trial period when re-employing an employee.

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