Will Google Penalize AI Content Tips To Keep Your SEO Safe

AI content tools have many benefits, including increasing efficiency and saving time with content creation. However, there is a correct way to use them in order to keep Google from penalizing your AI content. Discover what to do and what not to do with AI to keep your SEO safe.
Apr 20 | 7 min read
will google penalize ai content
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Back in April 2022, the headline few wanted to see blared from Search Engine Journal: “Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines.
John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, was quoted in the article saying that AI-written content is considered to be automatically generated content, which is treated as spam. He also added that using AI-written content could incur a manual penalty from Google.
Given that content tools such as Jasper and Copy.AI were increasing in both quality and popularity at the time, naturally, the article caused quite a stir.

Automatically Generated Content

Given that AI content is content automatically generated by software, you’d think that it would have to be defined as automatically generated content according to Google.
But Google has now specified what Ws Data it means by “automatically generated content” and clarified what the problem is with it. Google is now quite clear that AI content is not against its guidelines.
When generating AI content, although it’s done by software, a human is involved by inputting prompts to guide the AI and generate relevant and useful output.
You can add and refine prompts as much as you like until you get the content you want. You can then go further and check it for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and go through the content to rewrite it and produce something unique.
Automatically generated content, on the other hand, is content scraped from the web, cobbled together, or content that doesn’t mean anything created just to include keywords. There’s no human involvement there. Google is not giving you blanket permission to generate poor-quality content with these tools just for the purpose of tricking the search engines into ranking you higher. The focus absolutely must be on quality and relevance.Google states that it “aims to reward original. 

Google’s quality-first approach

The biggest difference between the two is that automatically generated content is generally used in an attempt to fool the BZ Lists search engines and rank higher, even for content that’s extremely poor and of little use to humans. It’s created for the search engines alone to try and get results, and not to please or assist humans.

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