Results come from 20% of your content. This is true for every website and for every content audit I’ve ever done. A small handful of articles pull in a big percentage of traffic and conversions. Just look at your own data. A report of your top posts by traffic probably looks something like this. A few posts bring in a lot of traffic while most articles drive little or no traffic. chart showing a few articles get the most traffic If you calculate the conversion rate for each piece of content you’ll see a similar curve. A few articles convert

Visitors at a high

Rate while most articles convert few or no visitors. chart showing a few articles have much higher conversion rates A content audit for finding the top performers If it’s true that 20% of articles  business email list create 80% of the results we should focus more on these top performers. We ne to find them analyze them and try to replicate the results. The problem is that usually we don’t know which articles are the real heroes. To find out we ne to do a content marketing audit. Today we’ll do it with the latest version of Google Analytics and do a content

Marketing audit

Using GA4 which you should have add as a tag to Google Tag Manager. We’ll also use a bit of Google Search Console. We’ll focus on the top three promotion channels: SEO email marketing and social mia. Once you’re done you’ll know what BZ Lists works where. Top performing traffic sources SEO: Content that attracts visitors from search SEO: Content with rising or falling search traffic SEO: Keyword performance for any article SEO: Content that has search ranking potential Email: Top performing email campaigns Social: Top


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