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 These platforms are: Fontero Love Month Dreamy Custom Code( Pro ) Elementor One option added by the people in Pro 3.1 is to add custom code to your website. Thanks to this new section, you will be able to add it directly here without using other plugins: Facebook or Google Ads pixels, meta tags and any other script( such as Google Analytics). In addition, you can indicate where the code must be loaded: header, body, or footer, and their order of priority.

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You can also add display conditions. It’s basically the same as the Hooks section that comes   special data  with some of the best WordPress themes. Custom Code File Manager If multiple users have access to WordPress for your site and you want to limit their use of Element or, you can do so here. Telementor Profile Manager The existing main role is that ( can increase them by, for example, adding Woo Commerce to ): Edit Author Collaborator Subscriber The restrictions you can customize for each profile include: Unable to access the editor: such that they cannot even enter Elementary.

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Access Editable Content Only: With this option, you can only modify the text, images, links……Never modify the design or layout. If you do not check anything, they will have access to   BZ Lists  everything. Tools In this section, you can perform various actions on the behavior of the plug-ins. ‘General tab Universal tools General Re-generation of CSS and data: You can regenerate your CSS code to the latest standards introduced in the market.

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