Therefore the National Do Not Call Registry

Is a free service provided. By the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that allows consumers to opt out of telemarketing calls. Once you register your phone number. Telemarketers are required by law to stop calling you within 31 days. You can register your phone number by visiting the FTC’s website and providing your phone number and email address. Use call-blocking apps There are many call-blocking apps available. For both iOS and Android devices that can help reduce the number of robocalls you receive. These apps can identify incoming calls that are likely to be robocalls and automatically block them. Some popular call-blocking apps include  and Hiya.

Block individual numbers If you receive

Block individual numbers If you receive calls from specific numbers that you know are robocallers. You can block them on your phone. Most smartphones have a  built-in feature Chief VP Compliance Email Lists that allows you to block calls from specific numbers.  Therefore, To do this, simply find the number in your call history or contacts.  Select the option to block the number. Do not answer calls from unknown numbers If you receive a call from a number that you don’t recognize, do not answer the call. If it is a legitimate call, the caller will likely leave a message. If it is a robocall, they will not be able to leave a message, and you can block the number if necessary. Use a virtual phone number If you receive a lot of robocalls to your primary phone number, consider getting a virtual phone number.

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A virtual phone number is a second

A virtual phone number is a second phone number that is not tied to your personal phone or home address. This can help protect your personal information and reduce the number of robocalls you receive on your primary phone number.  Therefore, File a complaint with the FTC If you continue to receive robocalls after. Registering with the National Do Not Call Registry. You can file a complaint with the FTC. The FTC investigates and takes action against companies that violate the Do Not Call rules. To file a complaint, visit the FTC’s website and provide information about BZ Lists the caller and the call. Be cautious with your personal information One of the most common ways that telemarketers and scammers obtain phone numbers is through online forms or surveys that ask for personal information.

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